Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Christmas Greens

CT tag featuring the magical art 
of Amy Brown using her tube 92-2.
I am also showcasing the wonderfully
seasonally scrap Christmas Greens
the tree & hall are decorated for the 
holidays. The rest of the fae will
have to deal with greens & beige. 
They refused to help so she has
determined the colors this year.

Crazed Maid

CT tag featuring the gorgeous art of
Justice Howard using her tube Crazed Maid.
I am also showcasing the attitude - filled
scrap Boulevard of Dreams by
she releases the tension from work.
Guests have driven her mad & she must
release that before she blows. A
night on the Boulevard will take
care of that.

Winter Shades

CT tag featuring the scrap 
Shades of Winter by Freek's Creation.
It's an older seasonal scrap but 
captures the cold colors of winter 
perfectly. Snowmen wait all year
for a chance to shine & visit 
the cold, cold world.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Shadowed Peach

CT tag featuring the fantastic art of 
Rebecca Sinz using her angel tube Peach.
She protects & watches over the 
realms which reside at the edge
of darkness & light. The souls which
call it home can still be saved.
It just takes an angel that isn't
afraid of a little darkness & dirt.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Winter Hassles

CT tag & wallpaper featuring the adorable
winter scrap All Bundled Up by
fully captures the sweetness of 
the season. This poor bear is over
decorating & the winter sports.
He just wants to rest!
The wallpaper is size 1920x1080
& available here for download.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Autumn Days

CT timeline featuring the wonderful art of 
Anna Marine using her tube 15-3.
I am also showcasing the Inspired By
Scrap Anna Marine 15-3 by Gimptastic Scraps.
Cooler weather & fallen leaves let 
everyone know that the days of fall 
have arrived.

Snow Queen

CT tag featuring the fantastic art of
Anna Liwanag using her tube 84-3.
I am also showcasing the wonderful scrap
Winter Wonderland by Tasha's Playground.
A cold winter snowfall doesn't stop her
from looking her best. No, as the Snow
Queen she insists on looking her best.